nice to meet you…chloe

It’s getting a little hotter in Brazil! This past week, Benefit officially launched in gorgeous Brazil with an exclusive at Sacks/Sephora! On today’s blog post, we meet Chloe, our Brand Manager of Benefit Brazil. She was already a huge fan of Benefit, but came on board to Benefit as the fearless leader to bring the Benefit love to Brazil!

it's chloe!

My favorite Benefit product is… high brow: I think it’s just MAGIC!!

I’m most inspired by… the digital world… I can spend hours surfing on websites and blogs! I find thousands of amazing and inspiring ideas!

The five things I love/can’t live without… My family, my lover, my friends, water and fruits.

When I need creative inspiration I go to… run!! I love to run…and I’m super creative during my running sessions!

My first Benefit product was… it’s the original and still the best, benetint!

My favorite place in Brazil… Praia do Bonete, a little beach totally preserved that you can access only by boat (or via a 1-hour trekking in the forest!). It´s the paradise on Earth. I go there with my boyfriend :-)

The color wheel: My favorite color is… dark blue

My makeup trend I regret the most from when I was younger is… glittery blue and purple nail-polish (mixing both colors of course!).

If I could live any other place I’d live in…  okay, stay with me here: From Jan to April in Rio, from May to August in New York City, and from September to December in Paris (so that I´m with my family for Christmas). Sounds like the perfect plan!

My creative outlet is… being in my living room with a great music (Bob Marley) and a cup of really good tea.

My favorite Benefit moment… when I look at my face after I put on my makeup!! (My secret weapon: “hello flawless!”, 10, big beautiful eyes, magic ink, BADgal lash, high brow, posietint, benetint lip balm).

I’m most excited for Benefit to come to Brazil because… we’re spreading the Bene-attitude around the whole world!! And Brazilian women are SO Benefit!

Chloe on the beach in Rio! It's the easy life.

With almost 5,000 miles of coastline & the ultimate Carnaval, I might just be planning my next vacation…