how-to…hide a hangover

The holiday season is upon us. Which means: it’s party time.

Chances are you’ll be getting into the spirit with a few festive libations, so how are you going to handle it the morning after? As the funny gals in our latest ‘Spoon-full of Laughter’ holiday video recommend, “It’s easy, with makeup!”

Let’s deep-dive into one of the featured dilemmas: the hangover.

As our ‘lol’ ladies mention, “a brightening under eye concealer [erase paste] should do the trick, and a healthy dose of pink blush [sugarbomb or posietint] will give you that ‘not only am I alive, but I am definitely-for-sure-not-still-slightly-drunk’ look.” They are correct. (For the record, we aren’t promoting or condoning drinking to excess–that would be irresponsible.)

When you’re looking haggard after a night out, your main concerns are dull, dry skin, puffiness and discoloration. Here’s what else you need (aside from some aspirin, a greasy breakfast, a gallon of water and nap):

it’s potent! eye cream will soothe and smooth last night’s baggage from your eye area.

ooh la lift cools and brightens the eye area and can be reapplied throughout the day when you need a perk-me up (ie. when you need to fake being awake in a meeting).

ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist will refresh your skin and create the illusion of dewy, well-rested skin, even if you’re feeling less than that.

Check out this highly accurate before and after…

"Sorry for partying!"

What are some of your favorite tips for hiding a hangover?