benefit tips & tricks…perfect pairs

Not sure if you have noticed but we are kind of obsessed with dynamic duos: Jean & Jane, Maggie & Annie, heck even our name is two separate words that when put together are twice as good!  It doesn’t stop there, even some of our products are better when partnered up!

Here are some of my fav products and their benefit co-star:

full-finish lipstick in flirt alert and boi-ing:

Ok so the boi-ing is taking a supoprting role in this relationship but it’s an essential part in achieving a true scarlet pout. Think of it like painting a house, your first step is to prime prime prime! Use your trusty boi-ing and apply all over your lips with the concealer brush. Wait for it to dry and apply flirt alert on top. Use the angle of the lipstick to trace the line of your lips (or if your lips are less than bodacious create a new line!) then fill in with the flat part of the lipstick. Not only does this help  your bold shade stay more true but it also locks the color on. Bust out that boi-ing again and your concealer brush to clean up the line. The tip of the brush fits perfectly to clean up your cupid’s bow.

perfect holiday pout!

posietint and bella bamba:

If posietint and bella bamba don’t pack enough punch individually for you, up your pink ante by first applying posietint to the apple of your cheek with a foundation brush (double up the dosage if you dare!) Next, use your blush brush and lightly dip into the bella bamba box o’ powder, simply pop that watermelon pink right on top of your tinted cheeks. Buh-bye drab winter skin, hello candy-coated pop of pink!


BADgal waterproof liner and they’re real!:

they’re real!  was born to be BAD. Fill in your lash line with BADgal waterproof liner, hold the sharpened pencil vertically as if you were holding up your eyelid. Look down and line your eyes straight at the lash line by moving back and forth on the outer half of your eye. Then use the smudger to blend out the line. Follow with they’re real! and va-va-voom! Not only does your lash line look full but the they’re real! creates lot-sa lash length.

They're BAD

high brow and eye bright:

These are my must have beauty accessories, if “hello flawless!” is your LBD, high brow and eye bright are like your go to stud earrings and classic pearl necklace. Whatever eye look you have created, from a perfectly natural big beautiful eye to a sassy smokin’ eye finish up with this one-two punch. Make any brow look perfectly arched by tracing the bottom with high brow, blend out the solid line with your fingers. Next take your eye bright straight to the inner corner of your eye. Smudge it in right by the tear duct, no bachelors in beauty required! This simple step instantly refreshes your eye and enlivens any look.

Illuminated and lifted!

What are some of your favorite Benefit bosom buddies?