face time w/ the soho boutique

We sit down with Kelly, the Boutique Proprietor of our glamorous new SoHo Boutique to learn about her favorite products and her secret to feeling gorgeous…
What is the best advice you can give for feeling gorgeous?
Smile. A simple smile changes the way I feel and the way I am perceived towards others. A smile can be contagious.
How long have you been in your current position?
I started working for Benefit about three years ago. My first position held was a part-time beauty artist. I was quickly promoted to an Assistant Boutique Proprietor, and I have been a Boutique Proprietor for about 2 1/2 years, managing the New Canaan, CT store and now The Big Apple in Soho NYC!
Why did you choose to work for Benefit?
Prior to Benefit I  worked as an event plannner for about seven years and wanted a career change. Thinking I wanted to start my own business for make-up for special events, I needed a place to gain experience. My sister was a Benefit customer in Chicago and turned me onto Benefit and told me they had just opened their first boutique on the east coast….so I went to Benefit for a brow arch, and pretty much haven’t left since!
What are you favorite products and why?
I can’t leave home without my you rebel and boi-ing # 2.  Im obsessed that my you rebel gives me that subtle hint of sun and the perfect amount of coverage. When I’m in the mood, I mix in a little girl meets pearl for a little somethin’-somethin’. And of course….they’re real, total no brainer. My lashes need some va–va-voom on a daily basis.
Tell us about one of your favorite customers…
It’s hard to just pick one! Benefit customers are the best. I once had a customer tell me that coming to my store was better than Disneyland.  Her face and heart warms up every time she sees me and my team. She turns to Benefit not only for our Beauty tricks and the bomb brow services, but many days she stops in, just because. In love being that ” just because” in someone’s day, or thatsomeone that cheers them up after a long day. I do it day after day….love, love my job!