honeymoon makeup!

After my wedding in August, I couldn’t jet off for my honeymoon due to work obligations.  Instead my husband and I took what we called a “mini-moon” where we spent a weekend at a nice hotel following one of my HSN shows.

Well, 4 months later and we’re finally ready to go on what we’re officially dubbing the “full-moon”.  We’re off to the Caribbean for a week of complete and utter laziness.  I. CAN’T. WAIT.

"full-moon" time!!

I have to wear a lot of make up for work  and I really want to bring the bare minimum. Thing is, I can’t really figure out what that is anymore.  I think I’m in makeup overload.

No makeup during the day (just SPF 50) but at night I’m thinking we’ll do one or two nice dinners and the rest casual beach eats.  With that said, what do I need to pull myself together but in a beachy, casual, but sexy kind of way?