get the look…sassy & smokin’

As much as I love a red lip it just isn’t as practical for all the eating, drinking and smooching that is done over the next month. Let’s change the focus to the eye and pair it with a neutral lip. This look is a more modern take on the traditional smoky eye. The plum shade is more forgiving than the deep gray and black of a traditional smoky eye; plus it is surprisingly neutral no matter if you are wearing a gold sparkly number or a red hot mini!

Step #1

Once skin and eye area is well hydrated with total moisture facial cream and it’s potent! eye cream follow with your particular shade of play sticks. Apply a stripe to your forehead, cheeks and down the center of your nose, blending outward with your foundation brush. 

Step #2

Complete your canvas by applying stay dont stray. This 360 eye primer will lock on shadows and concealers all night long. If needed, follow with erase paste under eye or boi-ing to conceal any imperfections that dare try to ruin your photo ops!

Step #3

If you are oily like myself set your play sticks with a light dusting of get even to your t-zone.

Step #4

Grab your high beam and foundation brush. Apply the high beam to the back of your hand and dip your foundation brush, picking up only a small amount. Apply to the top of your cheek bone. Think of it as dividing your cheek into thirds, the high beam gets the top third!

Step #5

Swirl your blush brush into the hoola powder. Tap off any excess and apply all over face to warm up the complexion, concentrate the powder at your cheek bones (the bottom third), leaving the apple of your cheek blank for blush. Don’t be afraid to use this iconic benefit product all year round!

Step #6

Next, open up your “I’m glam…therefore I am” kit. Use the blush brush and swirl it into the glamming face powder. The color is a soft dusty pink, I probably built up the look with three applications and I still found it to be neutral yet feminine.

Step #7

No comes the main show! Use the 4 shadows in the “I’m glam…therefore I am” kit:

  • Apply pink fancy eyeshadow from your lid to just under your brow bone. ( Don’t let the name intimidate you, I am not a pink eyeshadow kind of girl, this shade is a perfect base).
  • Next, take the precious pewter (the deepest of the shades) and apply with your powder shadow brush. With the tip of the brush apply from the outer corner of your lid, to the lash line and up to where your brow bone meets the lid almost forming the letter “c”.  Think of it like creating a border for the rest of your eyeshaodow! Build the shade until you get your desired level of intensity.

the deeper shade creates the frame for the look!

  • Next, take the icy lilac shade and fill in, from the frame you just created to almost the inner corner. You should start to notice that the contrast between the contour shade and the base shade has lessoned.
  • Lastly, take the posh amethyst shade and apply right next to the precious pewter frame we created earlier down to the lid.
  • If desired use the precious powder shade to line under the eyes.

Step #8

Fill in your lashes with BADgal liner waterproof. Make sure the pencil is well sharpened and apply. Use the smudger to blend out the line and really get into the lash line. I prefer to stop my line a bit before the inner corner.

Step #9

Go back to the “I’m glam…therefore I am” and grab your BADgal Lash. Apply to lashes.

Step #10

I highly suggest applying fales eyelashes. This is the time to really step up your look! I applied the debutante lash, I think this is a great basic lash that provides both length and volume.

The holiday season is a perfect time to experiment with false lashes!


Step #11

Finish by applying life on the a list gloss to lips. The focus is on the eye in this look so we want something simple that doesn’t try to compete. Who wants to be bothered with multiple trips to the bathroom to reapply or being worried you have lipstick on your teeth!

Step #12

Finish with a spritz of fragrance, try something new like my place or yours gina . Not only will the scent appear to linger longer than your everyday scent but this sassy fragrance will put a little extra pep in your 5″ heel step.


A new spin on holiday glam!

What Benefit products will you be incorporating into your holiday glam look?