what to gift…

Needless to say, a panic has set in right about…now. Christmas is days away. My enthusiasm for gift giving is at a standstill & yet there are a few last people to shop for. Oh, how they always end up as the hardest to shop for!

So here’s my last-minute/procastinators’ rejoice gift guide.

To my brother’s girlfriend. From Geekalicious…“For a gal who pretty much is the most stylish girl on the block, but pulls off an effortless cool, I am going to head to the Benefit counter and get her big beautiful eyes kit, chachatint mango lip & cheek stain, and they’re real mascara! This trio of universally-flattering shades has become my “go-to” whenever I travel or just leave the house and can’t stop talking about them. I pretty much am regifting my current obsessions. ”

on every gal's list

To the overworked sister. From Patty

“I’ll be giving my sister the entire b.right! radiant skincare line & dallas.

Why? As a single mother of 3, my sister has zero time for herself and doesn’t think to take care of her skin. Not only will our skincare line help her look radiantly refreshed, but also the wonderful light scent of cucumber & lotus flower will make he feel like she’s getting a spa treatment every time she cleanses & moisturizes. And of course her favorite box o’ powder, dallas. She doesn’t wear much makeup but loves this bronzer because it gives her a natural fresh glow.”

To the classic & no-fuss best friend. From Jacqueline. 

“The perfect gift is benetint, the rose-tinted cheek and lip stain that lasts as long as you do this holiday season! It’s ideal for someone who will be too busy kissing, sipping and celebrating the new year without having to worry about reapplying makeup before the clock strikes twelve. For a natural, flushed glow, benetint is the way to go.

a few holiday gifts around the office.

To the well-deserving sister. From Jared

“I gave my older sister watt’s up highlighter, sugarbomb blush, and it’s potent eye cream.  I told her I didn’t want people to think she was my MUCH older sister.  Just OLDER sister will do.

Oh, and my mom said not to come home this year without hervana.  I’m a good son, so I listened.  Apparently I like to keep Benefit in the family!”

To the oh-so-chic BFF. From Connie…

“I’m giving my friend Katherine “I’m glam…therefore I am” because it’s a great value kit that contains everything you need for going out: 4 eyeshadow shades, a pretty peachy blush, lip gloss, mascara, and an illuminator. I love how the kit is light enough to be thrown into your purse and the packaging is cute & girly too!”

yes, you are glam!

To the younger sister. From Megan…

“My 11-year old sister asked me for make up for the first time this holiday season!  I told her,’“Absolutely, but absolutely NO cover up or concealer. You have pristine skin.  Why mess with perfection?!’  I’ve bought her the small Benefit beauty makeup bag to open Christmas morning and inside I have written a pass for one-full sister day spent getting make-overs at the Berkeley Boutique, followed by a mani-pedi and sushi dinner.  I want her to feel pretty and empowered; not because she looks nothing like herself when she wears makeup but because she is simply playing up the gorgeous attributes that she was born with.”

Parting Words…And ladies & gents, if you missed the final deadlines to order online, can’t get to a Benefit counter, or are just really loving your time at home in those sweatpants (we know who you are)…just do the classic 11th hour gift & make a gift certificate with an outing to the Benefit boutique to get pampered! It’s important to leave the details rather vague while you figure things out!

the more homemade looking, the better.

Good luck shopping, Benebabes! What did you put on your wishlist this year? It’s never too late for a subtle hint!