D.I.Y. Benefit tree

Last week, we posted the below pic to Facebook to showcase our crafty coworkers in the Benefit Beauty Central lab. They made this awesome Benefit tree with old Benefit catalogs! Today, I took a craft lesson from Titin to show us how to make your own Benefit tree!

1. For the base of the tree, make a cone out of thick or card stock paper. Trace out a triangle and then cut it out. Roll it into a cone and tape it together. You’ll cover it in paper, so this part doesn’t need to be pretty.

cut out the cone shape

fold the cone & then tape it together.

2. After the cone is taped together, turn your attention to the catalogs. Opening it up to the center spread, begin cutting zig-zags from the bottom to the top of the page (make sure you don’t cut all the way down, you want one piece)


zig-a-zag (kind of like you're making a crown)

then cut the same shape on right side of catalog

cut, cut, cut.

3. Then cut down the center of the catalog page so you have two pieces.

cut down the center to create two pieces

pieces that will be your leaves

4. Next, carefully glue each piece onto the cone starting at the bottom. You’ll want a thin piece of glue along the straight side because the triangles will be sticking out. Vary the colors of the pieces & allow time for the glue to dry after a few rows.

next glue your pieces on the straight edge

paste alternating pieces onto the cone

5. Last step! Fold up the triangles so the points stick out like leaves! Presto glamo! You have a tree!

then fold up top triangles to make leaves

the finished result!

6. If you’re feeling extra craft glue on ornaments like this silver boi-ing! Just fill in empty product containers with glitter n’ glue!


silver bells! silver boi-ing!

Do any of you have Benefit-inspired craft ideas of your own! Share below!