gettin dirty…

When I was a little my favorite things to do was sit in my mom’s bathroom while she got ready for work and try to do my makeup just like hers.  I’d pack on the magenta lipstick and electric blue liner…my mother was clearly a product of the 80’s.  But next to makeup my favorite thing to do was to get as dirty as possible.  So, in honor of getting a bit dirty and giving back to the community some of us from Beauty Central took a day off from Beauty and volunteered at the Hayes Valley Farm.

finding new homes for plants to grow

The farm is actually located in the middle of the city on what use to be the remnants of the freeway that was destroyed after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.  So in 2010 that land was finally used for good and the Hayes Valley Farm was birthed.  Our tasks on the farm included planting new vegetables, potting new seedlings, sifting and turning compost, and bringing in the Harvest which will be donated to Project Open Hand

Angelique has quite the green thumb

Tiffany looking stylish as always bringing in the Harvest

Working on the farm can seem like a breeze but I assure you there were some less then glamorous jobs that needed to get done. One of the many less glamorous jobs was flipping the compost piles. The compost material needs air to allow the bacteria to do their part and break stuff down and actually heat it up and purify it to some degree.

one hot pile of compost coming right up!

new plants not quite ready to be placed in the ground

Emily is a natural with the watering can

One plant that stood the most to me was the Magenta Spreen.  When you touch its leaves your fingers are dusted with sparkly magenta dust.

the same color as my moms favorite lipstick

until next time….

Yours in Beauty,