being your (bene-)best self

As a luxury cosmetics company, I’m pointing out the obvious by stating that Benefit is in the business of making women look their best.  And while I know that our fix-its and fake-its can go a very long way, I’m also keenly aware that makeup is only one component of being one’s best self.

bendy-babes erica, lindsey and leslie doin' the (spinal) twist.

So here at Beauty Central we have yoga classes twice a month, taught by Erika Hollister, a San Francisco-based yoga instructor (and Benefit fan, of course – her favorite box o’ powder is sugarbomb).  Isn’t she incredible?

Being one’s best is relative, but for most women, I imagine it involves some combination of looking good, feeling at ease with her body, giving and receiving love, and maintaining a sense of purpose and forward movement in her life.  All these things require constant attention:  to personal style, to regular engagement with the body, to relationships, and to goals.  In short:  being one’s best is complex and challenging.

I found myself wondering whether and how Benefit as a global brand addresses the complexity of being one’s best self.   Clearly, we’ve got the looking good part down, but do we address the rest?  As I thought about it, I came to realize the messages Benefit sends out in the world start at Beauty Central.  For example, the fast and quick-fix service with a smile you receive at a Benefit counter is very much a reflection of the work ethic at our office – people are quick to respond to each other and do so cheerfully.

By making yoga available at Beauty Central, we do address this complexity – yoga teaches one to use the body with more intelligence, it is a form of self-love, and it helps one find perspective more quickly.  By extension, this message does and will continue to make its way to you.

quiet moment.


So here’s to being your best you.