The making of…hervana blush!

Keeping secrets is part of the gig around here but a box o’ powder, now that’s a huge secret! Thankfully you should be seeing the newest Benefit blush on counter now…it is my pleasure to introduce to you hervana!

who doesn't need a little good karma?

Believe it or not we started talking about this product over two years ago! (See! I told you it was hard to keep these launches such a secret!) We took a look at our current box o’ powder collection and had to figure out what we were missing. After many brainstorm meetings (and lots of candy and diet sodas) we decided we needed a shade that gave a beautiful orchid blossom finish to cheeks with a low amount of pearl so that it could be a great every day shade!

Shades were chosen individually and then pressed together!

Fast forward a few months and after many rounds of seeing submissions the shade wasn’t 100% perfect so we sent two of our Project Marketing Managers on the first flight to our labs! We received daily updates and have been holding on to them waiting to share with you all!

The picture below (literally from someone’s phone) shows all of the shades that make up hervana, lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose & berry delight before being pressed!

The shades that make up hervana!

The product process doesn’t stop there…

Our copy team is pretty brilliant here at Benefit, writing about products is no easy task and this new box o’ powder was no exception. To give you a little bit of the back story… the name comes from nirvana, the ultimate state of bliss. If you know anything about Benefit we couldn’t just have named it some regular old word! So those divas of diction came up with hervana, her + vana…get it?! Once the name was decided art takes the theme and runs from there!

Hervana is defnitely my new go to product. My favorite way to wear it is to swirl all the shades together and apply to cheeks. Next, I like to lift my look to cloud 9 by using the tip of the angled brush and concentrate the hairs into the heavenly rose shade and berry delight, pop that blend of color on to the apples of your cheeks and voila! If you are obsessed with the orchid blossom shade like myself repeat, repeat, repeat! Since this is a fairly matte shade I of course take my watts up! and highlight just to the top of my cheek bones… truly enough to make an angel blush!

Have you gotten to try the newest box o’ on the Benefit block?