train, train, train!

Ever wonder how it is that you can leave a Benefit store with ten products you never knew you needed, but now know you can’t live without?  Or how you thought you’d pop in at Benefit for just a lip wax, but ended up with a fully-waxed face, the “Benefit Brow” and tinted lashes?


The secret is that Benefit has mind-control tricks that influence you to buy all our products and services.  Totes kidding!  The real truth is that Benefit excels at sharing its joy for what we produce and provide.

April, educator extraordinaire, breakin' it down at Benefit Beauty U.

Learning how to share that joy takes place at Benefit Beauty University — where all manner of training takes place, from sales to makeup application to waxing, for every Benefit employee in the field across the United States.

taking it all in.

It goes without saying that coordinating education for the entire US is a huge, hard job.  Fortunately, two of my favorite people at Benefit are in charge of it all — Tori and Sam.  This duo works tirelessly to ensure that the Benefit experience is seamless and consistent across the board.

Tori (left) and Sam (right): Um, how cute are they?!?

Here’s their take on life at Beauty Central:


Benefit products she can’t live without:  you rebelget even, watt’s up, chachatint, the porefessional

Favorite thing about working at Benefit: Being surrounded by makeup all day!

Worst training moment:  There’s always a mini-crisis that could pop up, so the key to my role is staying flexible and communicating hiccups to the team.


Benefit products she can’t live without:  get even, high beam, ooh la lift, boi-ing!  Too many!!

Favorite thing about working at Benefit:  It’s never dull.

Worst training moment:  Where do I start?  Probably the time I forgot to add a trainer to a meeting maker, so obviously, she didn’t know there was a training.  So of course everyone came but her!  Eeek!!