behind the scenes w/ Benefit

Ever want to know what it’s like to work at Benefit?

Two weeks ago we had our bi-annual National Sales Meeting.  This is when we unveil our new upcoming products to the entire US sales team and the corporate office!  At any normal company this would include going to a hotel, sitting in a conference room and waiting for lunch…not at Benefit! Here’s a quick play-by-play.

We started off our meeting with a video of a rocket ship blasting off into outer space, and then my sister Maggie and I walked into the conference as Astronauts to get the party started!

3-2-1 liftoff!

…and this was how we literally blasted off our meeting with hello flawless oxygen wow. We then deep-dove into the science behind our foundation by dressing up as Benefit rocket scientists to show that understanding the formula behind our foundation doesn’t take rocket science! It’s easy.

she blinded me w/ science!

Naturally after your dress up as a scientist it is time for a boxing match.  Maggie and I decided to duke it out as our two best selling products they’re real mascara (FACT: it’s currently the #1 mascara in the US) and the POREfessional…. I won’t tell you who won. ;)

And they are both the winners!!


Finally once the meeting was over it was time to PARTAYYY.  I must say that Benefit throws a great party, but this year the theme was BEYOND BELIEF!  It was 80’s night so Maggie and I ended the meeting with an 80’s bang.

if you are wondering..yes my shades say BENEFIT

Just another day at the office… as you can see it is never a dull moment at the Benefit home base!