gift in time.

I always like to say that good things come in nice packages. At Benefit it’s hard not to see how much we all love cute packaging!

And now when you order from www.benefitcosmetics.com, your gifts can arrive in adorable little pink packages! Gift wrap is available for just $4.95 per shipment…simply click the box during checkout. Our crafty team in Creative Services worked on the durable boxes that have a magnetic flap.


wrap it up.

In organizational waves that tend to strike in the new year, I’ve taken to finally organizing photos, cards, and cute restaurant cards that I like to keep in my gift boxes. Stacked up in my closet, these boxes are going to spiff up my previous mess of a closet.

Briana, on our Creative Services team, cleverly designed the boxes and her favorite part about these fab new boxes is the engineering behind them. “It took us months to develop a box,” she said, “that would be substantial and big enough to fit our products when shipped to our customers; but at the same time we needed them to ship flat from our manufacturer into our distribution center in order to avoid high shipping costs and storage issues. These boxes arrive to beauty central FLAT and their assembly is virtually ‘fool proof’…two seconds and voila! The box pops up like it was never flat! It also has a seamless magnetic closure, which keeps your benefit goodies safe in transit and doesn’t interfere with the aesthetic of the packaging. No tabs, or glue are necessary, they just remain closed with the magnetic strip that is located in between the layers of the actual printed artwork.”

How cool is that? Who is ready for some ordering!