5 mins, 5 products

Here’s a quick n’ easy flawless, five product look that takes five minutes (or less!).

take five!

After watching Maggie’s step-by-step video featuring an “out the door in flash” five-minute face using her top five must-haves: hello flawless oxygen wow, erase paste, instant brow pencil, CORALista and they’re real! mascara…


…I thought I’d share my own five minute/five product face. Complete with pics to show the transformation.

1.BAREFACED. I never leave the house without makeup, but today I bare it all! No makeup, just moisturizer. The things that will make the most difference: even the skin tone, brightening the eyes and enhance features.

ACK! I'm naked.

2.LIGHT FOUNDATION. I’ve blended in hello flawless oxygen wow with my fingertips starting from the center of the face moving outward, and smoothing at the jawline. You can see an instant brightening effect.

start with a good foundation

3.BRIGHT EYES. The difference between this pic and the one above is subtle, but it’s all in the eyes. I’ve applied stay don’t stray from the lash-line to brow bone and a little under the eyes to brighten my dark circles. The color evens out skin tone and wakes everything up.

look into my eyes.

4.PERK-UP LIPS & CHEEKS. As you can see, a little posietint goes a long way in perking up the complexion. My tip for using on cheeks: apply some tint to a blush brush and blend it on to cheekbones they way you’d a powder blush.

tinted love

5. MAKE SOME EYES. I’ve added BADgal liner waterproof to the lash line and then topped it off with they’re real! mascara. If you’re like me and have dark brows but a light lash line (so sparse eyelashes), they key to making eyes stand out is to balance out your brows by enhancing the lash line.

hello, eyes.

…and now there are too many pictures of my face! So to break it down again I’ve used: hello flawless oxygen wow (in “I’m so money, honey”), stay don’t stray, posietint, BADgal liner waterproof and they’re real mascara!

As I conclude this post, I realize that applying makeup is a lot like making an ice cream sundae. So for some, just the ice cream will do, and for others, it’s more of an “everything but the kitchen sink” scenario, and a classic go-to consists of 5 components: ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts & a cherry–mmm…ice cream.

Do you have a 5 product/5 minute face recipe to share?