5 more things that make us happy

Unlike our last blog post a few weeks ago, it’s a rainy and grey day in San Francisco! So what do we do? Perk ourselves up with pretty things of course…

1. The one thing that makes me sad about these fresh flowers is that they'll probably look like crap in a few days, but as we like say "take a picture, it lasts longer!" The Banana Republic up the street is selling these in the "SF Made" popup shop (click this pic for info) and I couldn't resist buying one for myself.

2. On days like this I stare out our office window at our stunning metropolitan view. Deep existential thoughts about city-life will start running through my mind...but they don't get very far because without fail, thoughts about the next thing (#3) will interrupt them...

3. ...COOKIES. And not just any cookies, fancy, expensive, colorful macaroons to be exact. Good thing I took a picture of these because they lasted about 25 seconds before they were devoured...daintily of course..

4. Sometimes Benefit is too darn cute for its own good. Who knew that the stuff you blow your nose with could come in such a witty, adorable package. The top says "tissues for your issues" and the side says "let me dry your tears of happiness." Cute overload.

5. If the art department area was an r&b girl band in the nineties, I'm convinced their album would be named "Creepy, Sexy, Cool." Check out these sweet, vintage mannequins. Do you think they come to life at night?