Benefit loves Brazil

About 2 weeks ago Annie and I got back from our first ever trip to Brazil and  it was incredible!  We spent the week in Sao Paulo talking to beauty editors and bloggers about b.right skincare, hello flawless oxygen WOW and Benefit.

One of the coolest things we did was to film a segment with a local celebrity named Julia Petit.  She has a beauty website but also has a hugely popular show called “Base Aliada” on cable where she brings guests into her “world” to talk about beauty, fashion and all things girly and fab-O.   The set literally looks like the ultimate girly boudoir bedroom/office and it was PERFECT for chatting about Benefit!

Click either of these carefully selected, subtitled, screen shots to watch the video…

Can you guess what Annie is talking about?

gotta love subtitles

From these screen shots, can you guess what product we were talking about? Hint: “mamilos” is Portuguese for “nipples” and “stripper” is apparently Portuguese for… Anyway, mid-way through the segment, she switched to English…*phew!  It was actually the first time she had done an interview entirely in English since she started the show which was so nice of her!

From San Francisco, to HSN in Florida, to cable TV in Sao Paulo….who knows where our adventures will take us next?!

Obrigado Brazil!!!