be a part of brow history

If you search Guinness World Records for “eyebrows” what you’ll come up with is one  lonely record for the “longest eyebrow hair,” belonging to Sumito Matsumaura of Japan–measuring 7.1 inches. Yeah, ew. As the global brow authority, employer of the most certified aestheticians in the world, and the experts that wrote the book on brows (literally), us brow-fanatics at Benefit decided something needed to be done; that we needed a record in  which to celebrates the beauty of brows…

…we need YOU (and your brows) to come be a part of history and invite you to come make an appointment or drop in to one of our Brow Bars & Boutiques ANYWHERE around the world on April 21, 2012 as we set the record for  “Most Brow Waxes Performed in a Single Day.”

In celebration of our world-wide historic event, we’re also declaring this week as the official “Benefit Brow Week” and we’ll be talking brows, brows, brows all week long.

As the saying goes “Well-behaved women seldom make history…and BADgals write it!”