behind-the-scenes: PTTD

Living the life of a Professional Brow Raiser is a bit more fun then I can handle sometimes. I give myself a daily pinch just to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Day 1...5am Union Square Macy's Brow Bar

A few weeks ago we were onset filming a video that took a peak into the lives of some seriously crazed brow fanatics. You may have heard about it, a little bug by the name of PTTD…Post-Traumatic Tweezing Disorder. It’s what happens when you go cray-cray on your brows…and you’re totally plucked.

Lights, Camera, Brow Magic

Alex LaMarsh making sure everyone looks prefect even if they are a bit crazy

In true Benefit form this video is filled is filled with more LOL moments that anyone else could ever squeezed into one flick. The filming was pretty much the same.   One of my favorite parts is the bathroom scene where the helpless father and son are seeking refuge from Mommy who has one serious over-tweezing problem.

This Mommy isn’t so scary in real life…but look at those brows

Scared son getting prepped for his camera time

That’s two directors and a sound guy getting cozy in the shower.

That’s two directors and a sound guy getting cozy in the shower.

We can’t forget the ever-famous baby scene. This little wonder kept a smile on her face through 12 takes.

Don’t worry not a hair on this beautiful babies face was harmed in the making of this film.

All laughs aside the film team from The Popular Workshop in SF made this shoot a huge success and so much fun to work on! From the minute they walked into our office it was nothing but creative genius with a side of some serious laughter. Just our style…

Drew, Malcolm, and Brent checking out a shot

Such a fun group to work with! Ladies and gents, our final warning to make sure PTTD doesn’t happen to you visit your nearest Benefit Brow Bar or Boutique! Watch the video below!

love it!

Watch our video here: YouTube Preview Image