brows from now to WOW


Today as I rushed around the office caught up in all the excitement of Brow Week I noticed that more then a few people seemed to be neglecting their brows. This made me a bit sad and I was absolutely gonna do something about it. Now, it’s clear that the ONLY way to maintain your brow sanity is by dropping into your local Brow Bar. So what is going on here??? I know, I know…we get busy and the brows well…they get crazy! I found four of the biggest offenders and grabbed them by the hand. It was time to head into the Benefit Brow Bar in Macy’s Union Square for a bit of brow rehab.

Here are their stories…

Meet Leslie (a.k.a Director of First Impressions). Between her exciting new promotion and planning a wedding, her brows have seen better days.

her brows were giving her some serious blues

Lara, one of our prized Brow Experts had her smiling in no time!

In 20 minutes Leslie’s frown was turned upside down! Nothing like a fabulous new set of brows to lift a gals spirit!

Now she’s ready to take on the world!

Meet Alyssa (a.k.a Life of the Product Party). I found her searching for answers in her brand new copy of Raising Eyebrows.

Can’t be the life of anything hiding behind a book!

Now she can go back to saving the world one tube of gloss at a time.  Neglected brows are no way to show up at the product party!

Wow brows now! Like serious WOW!!!

Meet Tiffany and Jane from our digital team. We’ve kept them so busy lately that sadly their brows might have suffered the most. I wasn’t going to let these ladies (or their brows) suffer anymore. Off to the Brow Bar we went!

Ready for brow rehab!

Jane was so happy to be in a Brow Bar…there’s no place like home!

Pretty as can be!

Skipping your brow appointment can result in a brow scare…you’ve been warned!

Grrrrr…. Somebody’s ready for happy hour!

Taking a minute to learn the secret power of eyebrows

Don’t let Crazy Busy Brows happen to you! Pick up the phone and call your local Brow Bar! You can thank me later.