high brows, kid sister

Before I even began working at Benefit I had an addiction with a certain product and working here has only exploded this problem. I like to use it…and use it a lot.

I admit it, it’s It’s high brow!  Each and every time I put it on I hope to get my brow arch higher and higher! Fueling my addiction, we have now launched high brow’s new kid sister- high brow glow! High brow glow is a luminous brow lifting pencil, the champagne pink shade is a more luminous version of the original linen pink shade.

the sassy lil sis!

High brow is an iconic Benefit product, it’s a must-have makeup artist trick of the trade and we are sure the new version is going to be an isntant hit as well.  High brow glow looks really beautiful on deeper skin tones but don’t fret my fellow pasty freinds, we can wear this fabulous new shade as well!

Here are a few tips on how I love to use high brow and the newest version high brow glow:

1.) Opposites attract! When you are going with a matte shadow look incorporate the high brow glow!  Conversely, if you are going for a shimmery or glittery shadow use the original high brow. Mixing it up with both matte and shimmer achieves variety as well as definition. Both create perfectly sculpted and arched brows…who doesn’t want to look lifted?

2.) Parade your pout! Depending on your skin tone either high brow or high brow glow will work. Define your cupids bow by applying a tiny amount right in between the two peaks of your top lip. Blend out so it isn’t an obvious line.

3.) Lips look lively! Use high brow to define your bold lip look. Lightly trace the outside of your lips and blend outwards into your foundation. The pale linen pink shade of the high brow against your lipstick of choice yields a perfectly neat and defined lip. Your lips will pop making them the main attraction!

4.) That little something extra… Place a dot of high brow glow  right around your tear duct. The creamy pencil blends easily into the inner corners of your eyes and really brightens the area achieving that extra something special in your look.

5.) Brightening your baby blues! Use high brow and lightly line the water line. The subtle pink shade of either high brow pencils is much more forgiving than the 80’s style irridecsent white pencil.

6.) Taking your brows to all new heights! You know about high brow under your brow but now try it on the peak of your brow arch. Closely trace the peak of your arch with a small amount of high brow original.  I prefer using the original as the matte shade tends to blend to a more natural finish.

Frame your brow from the top & bottom!

There is room in your makeup bag for both of the high brows! How do you think you will incorporate high brow glow into your makeup routine?