longtime fan, first time brow arch…

You always remember your first…brow arch, that is. When I learned that one of my best friends Maggie had NEVER had a brow arch, I quickly rushed her into the Benefit boutique here in San Francisco on Fillmore Street. Under the careful & highly trained wax pot of Athena (who has been waxing wonders at Benefit for over 20 years), Maggie sat down for her first-ever brow arch.

I took my camera along for the day to show what a brow arch actually entails for any other newbies out there! On our walk there, Maggie told me she’s never gone to get her brows done because she never thought anyone noticed her brows. Gasp! They really are one of the first things that people notice about you & they frame your face. After her speedy & rather painless brow arch, Maggie was a true believer at the power of brows! As she said, “Why I haven’t given my brows over to the experts before now is beyond me!”

Take a look at a first-time brow arch…

mags before.

athina consults on her ideal brow shape

time to trim.

wax on

get all that wax

off it goes!

tweezing the pesky hairs

top tip: Use a damp cotton pad on the skin to soften up the hair follicle, making it easier to tweeze! We all know how pesky those stubborn little hairs can be! This totally works!



After Athina finished up with Maggie, the fabulous Joseph gave her a quick makeup touchup using some of the best brow tools of the trade: high brow & brow zings!

joseph for a makeup touchup

high brow to give lift

top tip: brow zings defines and sets the brows. Using a hard angle brush, start applying brow zings powder about a half-inch from the inside corner of your brow. This gives you a softer line to start with. Then blend out along the bottom of the brow.

brow zings

one size has been zinged

finished results

look at those fine brows