make a bow, then take a bow…

On Monday, @BenefitBeauty tweeted a pic of an adorable hair bow spotted at the Lucky FABB conference in Santa Monica.

the original bow

So to kick off this cinco de derby weekend, Alex from We See Rainbows is going to show how she crafted the perfect hair bow! Let’s get started…

Note: You’ll want to start with styled hair, straight or slightly wavy:
step 1: gather a section of hair just above each ear at the hairline, roughly 1.5′

step 1

step 2: pull the hair back and cross behind your head.

step 2

step 3: tie into a bow, wrapping the top hair counterclockwise for a perfect bow.

step 3

step 4: secure with bobbies. Voila!

you're ready to take a bow.

Thanks for sharing, Alex! We ADORE your sass & style! Okay, now who is ready to rock this look?