Which Brow Product is Right for you?

To continue to celebrate all that is brows this week we wanted to help you decide which brow products are perfect for you. I recruited a little help from a few of my Benefit HQ gals and they couldn’t wait to tell me why their favorite brow products are the best and why it works for them.

speed brow

The facts:

  • speed brow allows you to achieve the most natural looking brow.
  • this easy to apply gel slightly tints the brows, in one universal shade and holds them in place
  • speed brow is perfect for brows in a flash or for those of you who already have full brows that just need a little taming

Why we love it:

Erica works in our international department and has a passion for travel, she needs something quick and easy:

“I love a natural brow and I hate spending too much time, so speed brow is the perfect choice for me. It’s great to get my criss-crossed morning brows in line! It doesn’t look like I spent any time at all and my brows look fab!”

Erica's right brow has been tamed!


Jennifer is already blessed with a full brow, speed brow is perfect for her to lift the hairs and set them in place:

“Easy to use it fills in and thickens my brows without making them look too full or fake!”

Jennifer's right eyebrow is set perfectly in place!


Annie is hopelessly devoted to getting her arch perfected. Her regular appointments have her brows looking perfecto but she still likes to apply a bit of speed brow:

“It helps mantain my brows when my hair gets too long and it makes my brows look they were freshly waxed!”

Annie is wearing speed brow on her right eyebrow; perfectly neat!

instant brow pencil

The facts:

  • this two in one pencil combines wax & powder to achieve a naturally defined brow
  • the wax holds the hairs in place and the powder formula adds a bit of definition to the brow
  • this time saving two-fer also has a spoolie located on the opposite end which helps to blend out the formula and also brush the hairs into place
  • available in three shades: light, medium and deep

Why we love it:

Ashlye has a full brow and the pencil is a perfect way for her to fill in just where she needs it:

“I love how quick and easy instant brow pencil is and how well the shade of the pencil matches my brows. Also, I love the brush because it allows you to blend out in case you apply too much!”

Ashlye is wearing instant brow pencil in light on her right brow


Jenny needs a brow product that is going to work as hard as she does:

“I’m a busy gal so products that are quick tend to be my faves. Instant brow pencil creates a speedy natural looking brow that helps to frame my face and lasts all day! I’ve converted all my friends!”

Her left brow is filled in without being obvious


Susan is a gal in the know, from fashion to beauty to music and restaurants this girl is the one to ask. From work to play Susan needs something that will last:

Instant brow pencil is really easy, lasts all day and I enjoy using the spoolie that comes with it!”

Susan right brow has instant brow pencil in the deep shade

brow zings

The facts:

  • this complete brow kit that contains everything you need to achieve a buildable and defined brow
  • pigmented wax and powder combination offers customizable coverage to build your level of definition
  • tweezers, hard angle brush, blending brush, mirror and complete lession make this the ultimate brow kit
  • perfectly portable for your work day or a weekend getaway
  • brow-zings is offered in three shades: light, medium and dark.

With Sara’s blonde locks she wants her brow to be defined but not overpowering:

Brow zings is light and natural and it gives me the flexibility to create the brow shape I love.”

Sara is wearing brow zings in the lightest shade on her right eyebrow


Danielle in the art department loves medium brow zings. Being a natural red head she has difficulty in finding the perfect shade:

“I love the wax because it helps hold my brow shape and the powder has a tint of red that works with my hair coloring!”

Check out this before & after!


Tiffany’s style is second to none and her brows are pretty perfect as well:

“I can’t leave the house without filling in the sparse areas of my brows. I love brow zings because it allows me to fill in, look natural or as dramatic as I choose, takes no time and gives me instantly pretty brows.”

Check out that Tiffany’s left brow, it’s a total WOW!

We hope we have helped you choose which brow product is perfect for you! I’m still completely obsessed with brow zings, which product helps you create your ideal brow?