how-to…take flattering pics

With every tag, instagram upload, tweet-pic, our lives are constantly being documented in pictures. And while it may be vein of me to admit, I’ll just go ahead and say it: I want to look perfect (or damn-near it, at least) in my photos.

Think about how many friends ex-boyfriend’s new girl-friends, friends and so on you’ve looked at…and judged. Its ok, I’m guilty of it too. On the flip side, think of how many people are probably looking at you right NOW! But you don’t just want to look good for other people/new gf’s of ex-bf’s, you want to look good for you. I know that I’d like look back someday and show my grand-kids my Facebook timeline and have them think “WOW grandma was smokin’ hot back in 2012.” That said, I thought I’d pull together a few quick n’ easy tips for looking your best in pictures.


I work out.

Putting your hand on your hip, creates a flattering angle for your arm aka the “skinny arm” effect/oldest trick in the book. Leaving it to the side makes the arm look soft and lifeless…wahh wahhh.



posture makes perfect!

Slouching and standing with your pelvis out looks frumpy –yes, models can make this look good combined with their deadpan expressions– but they’re also starving and getting paid to look awkward. Straightening your spine and aligning your core makes any silhouette look more svelte!



lipstick speaks louder than words

Just a little bit of color goes a long way to brighten your smile and perk up your features. Case in point, Emily’s pearly whites look whiter and her whole complexion lifts with a sweep of slow zone full-finish lipstick.



now you see it, now you don’t!

Here’s how its done: when you smile, push your tongue against your lower set of teeth. It automatically pulls up the fleshy part of your chin, aka the “waddle” and defines your jawline. Try it in the mirror a few times and see for yourself! It’s like an instant chin lift!

As we like to say at Benefit, “take a picture, it’ll last longer!” Do you have any tips to share for taking perfect pics?