NEW product alert…ultra plush lip gloss!

Sweet cheeks meet luscious lips! Our famous box o’powder blushes have met their match…new silky-smooth ultra plush lipgloss in 6 delectable shades.

satisfy your sweet tooth…it’s guilt free gorgeous!

Like finding the right pair of shoes to match your bag, or the most delicious topping to your ice cream (or fro-yo), these glosses are the perfect mix-and-match compliments to our box of powder blushes.

What’s especially awesome about these glosses is their smooth, non-sticky formula. Unlike other glosses these glide on easily without the gumminess. We dare you to try our formula side-by-side with your other glosses!

Obviously we’re obsessed with all 6, but if we had to pick one it would be sugarbomb — so far it’s our #1 shade! Check out our gallery to see these new glosses in action: