gettin’ cheeky!

Okay so I confess, I love doughnuts but let’s face it, doughnuts and swimsuit season don’t really go hand-in-hand. To satisfy my doughnut cravings this summer, I’ve taken up a sugar-free treat for my cheeks! It’s the perfect time to pop some color into your life with these zero-calorie doughnut recipes that will blush up your summer look in no time.

This idea sprung from the “Jelly Doughnut”, a beautiful Benefit recipe in which you blend a circle of high beam and a dab of benetint onto your cheeks. But this summer I am looking for a statement cheek, something with BOLD color payoff! The ChaCha Glaze doughnut is a delicious recipe that will add a glimmering POP of color to your cheeks and the Posie Palooza doughnut will leave you with a perky pink supermodel glow!

the ChaCha Glaze Doughnut

ingredients: sun beam, chachatint & the foundation brush

the Posie Palooza Doughnut

ingredients: high beam, posietint & the foundation brush


1. brush a dime size sun beam or high beam doughnut onto your cheek.

2. dab your tint of choice in the middle of the doughnut.

3. use a foundation brush to blend.

4. glow on gorgeously!