kiss-worthy lipgloss with a video to prove it

The stickiness of gloss can be a real setback, I mean, who wants to make out with a glittery glue stick?  We all love they way lip gloss looks on our lips–so luscious, so shiny, so sexy–but many times the moment you start eating, letting your hair blow around in the wind or locking lips, the situation can get sticky, real fast. That’s why I was thrilled when I found out our new ultra plush lip glosses are not sticky at all–they actually glide smoooooth with a shiny finish.

is your gloss kiss-worthy?

I was so impressed by our non-sticky formula, I created a quick video that compares our new ultra plush lip gloss to other glosses (I’m not naming names–but there are some very luxe brands in there). FYI -There was a some background noise so turn your volume up.

…interesting right? Now do the same with your gloss, what does it sound like?