the evolution of geekalicious

Makeup and I weren’t always friends. Unbelievable, right? I would like to submit the photo below as Evidence #1. I’m on the left. Yes, the one with the crazytown-butterfly blue eyeshadow and pink blush covering my entire cheek. My friend Whitney & I were in a dance recital as Mini Mouse (so we were Mini Mice?!). Dancing mice with ’80s makeup = adorable & frightening all at the same time.

we would have totally been a YouTube hit.

While my mom was the makeup artist behind the tragic, yet on-trend ’80s look, I don’t blame her. Besides an occasional new shade/flavor of Lipsmackers, I’ve never been described as a girly-girl. Ever. Junior high graduation: cried my first makeover off because I thought brown eyeliner made me look “slutty.” High school: Did my makeup while driving to school in under 5 minutes (my brother feared for his life). College: Mascara was my “going out” look. Slowly, I began to trust lip gloss, eyeliner, and a little bit of eye shadow (there are some scars you can’t recover from). I realized that makeup and I just had a serious misunderstanding… I never really “got” it. Since working at Benefit, I’ve learned A LOT about makeup: Bronzer! Contouring! The power of primers! Eyelash curler? Bring it! It’s The Evolution of Geekalicious.

The great discovery was that makeup, when done right, still makes you look like yourself…just a pulled-together version! A natural look is still my jam, but a great metamorphosis has occurred for someone who once considered applying chapstick as a makeup routine and now regards filling in her brows just as critical to health as brushing her teeth. Oh, how times have changed. My makeup a-ha moment: invest in your brows and learn how to use a blush brush.

brows, gloss, blush! My mom is so proud.

At Benefit HQ, we’re hired based on our knowledgea in particular fields (makes sense), but for some our makeup know-how is, ahem, sub par on our first day. I asked other beauty-novices-turned-gurus about what they’ve learned about makeup since working at Benefit. Here are some gems:

  1. “I learned what a ‘jelly-doughnut’ means as it pertains to Benefit makeup. This is the process of applying high beam and benetint together onto the apple of the your cheek. This gives you a unique shimmer to your blush instead of just having rosy cheeks. Also, now I can identify half of what’s in my wife’s makeup drawer.”  -Gary
  2. “Wearing makeup doesn’t mean you have to look made-up —  a little mascara and gloss goes a long way.” -Amanda
  3. “I’ve learned that beauty starts from the inside, in the tummy, right next to the martini that I just drank. I’ve learned that there isn’t a zit that erase paste cannot cover. I’ve learned that I really do look like a supermodel with high beam. I’ve learned that dallas isn’t for my skin tone — much more of a hoola guy for that tropic glow. I’ve learned that lemon aid can absolutely hide the sins from the night before. And, most importantly, I’ve learned to love pink even more than I did as a 12 year-old boy.” -Marc
  4. “I learned that tints can provide an amazing, incredibly natural pop of color on your lips, without any smudging and smearing throughout a long day. Perfect for the “no-makeup makeup” look!” -Valerie
  5. “Before Benefit, I was all about prepping and perfecting, but didn’t think primer was worthwhile. Now I understand the value of primer and having my makeup stay put throughout the day…even post-fog, -work and -workout. ” -Jacqueline
  6. “Liquid eyeliner can be a sneaky little minx. Always give it a few seconds to dry before you continue on in your routine or else you will have a mess on your hands (and eyes).” -Mac
  7. “A quality brush actually can make all the difference.” -Patty

Life lesson here: Really, it’s all about trying something new and not to worry…there’s always makeup remover. What’s been your beauty evolution? Ever had a beauty a-ha moment?