instant beauty kits…coming your way!

it’s easy being beautiful

We always love a challenge, but when it comes to looking pretty–I say the easier, the better. Equipped with our quickest and most effective products, these new complexion, lip & cheek kits simplify flawless makeup with easy to follow tips & tricks–all in a tidy little box.  If putting on makeup sometimes feel like an epic novel, consider these kits your CliffsNotes.

hit the books!

Feelin’ “too busy for beauty”? Dont’ fret my pet, open up our how to look the best at everything complexion kit (the assortment comes in three shades light, medium and deep) and remind yourself, “you ARE the best at everything!” Kit contains the POREfessional, hello flawless oxygen WOW, bo-ing concealer in 2 shades and hello flawless powder. The price is $30– a saavy steal!

Does your skin have a case of the “dull n’ drabs”? Never fear my friend, take four steps forward to fab with our new lip & cheek kits in feelin’ dandy, sugarlicious and go tropiCORAL (which has proven most popular with the people who’ve previewed it). The kits contain a lip & cheek stain, high beam highlighter, blush and matching lip gloss for $28. Explore this gallery to see each set…

This week, be sure to check back on tips & tricks for how to use the kits…and for a special announcement on how you can get them! Which ones are you most excited to try?

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  2. Jackie says:

    I hear you on the saying no. I am, in fact, stniartg to think no is the best way to get business recognized. So many people assume that owning a business or having non-traditional work habits equals super flexible hours. My daughter’s teacher thinks I should be in the classroom weekly (if not daily) reading with the kids and doing projects. My neighbor wants me to attend aerobics with her at 9:00 am (come on, it is just an hour). And hey, it should be easy for me to meet people for lunch/shopping/at the airport.But the answer has to be No! I only have a precious six hours while my daughter is at school to work. Any extra time I find is either a bonus or is stolen from my family, my sleep, or my personal hygiene regime. Why? Because I have a real job. I have designated work hours and must adhere to them no matter how guilty those first-graders make me feel.Eliminating the things that interrupt that time is doing me a world of good. I’m getting stuff done, sleeping, smelling better, and establishing that what I do is work and important work at that.

  3. Ann Lacuarta says:

    I want all of them!!!!

  4. Anna says:

    Hi, will these kits be a Sephora exclusive or will they be available on the main Benefit website as well? Thanks x

    • resident BADgal resident BADgal says:

      Hi Anna, if you’re in the US, the kits will be found exclusively in Sephora stores and on Sephora.com starting 8/1.

    • Mayra says:

      Hi Bernie,My son and I are just getting sertatd and I wish I could give you a date. We are going as fast as we can, but want to make sure we get it right!So, thanks for asking and please check back often.Thanks, Neil

  5. olutobi says:

    These look great but which one would be best for someone who is African American?? Xxx

    • resident BADgal resident BADgal says:

      Hi there! DEFINITELY tropicoral. Corals look gorgeous on deeper skin tones, and chachatint on the cheeks and lips create more color payoff for CORALista blush and gloss.

  6. Sara says:

    Wondering if the tropiCoral will be available in any stores before I go to Vegas this weekend…. would be the perfect travel companion!!!!

    • resident BADgal resident BADgal says:

      Hi Sara! tropiCORAL will be perfect for Vegas. We have a special sale happening this week online so unfortunately, it might not get to you in time (maybe try expedited shipping)! :)

  7. I'm excited. I love everything Benefit! I would go with my favorite stain and highlighter in sugarlicious! I love porefessional and to have this to go kit is awesome. Your the only brand that brings out us ladies natural beauty.

  8. Meije says:

    Lov it!

    • John says:

      madmarvelgirl Posted on I totally agree about Jean. They were only srnittag to get at the potential of that character when she died. Both times. (Both times she stayed dead; not talking about other times).I can’t think that I’ve ever drifted away from a story immediately following a character death, but I know that lineups definitely have an affect on my interest in following stories. I say I’m an X-men’ fan, but there are a lot of classic’ stories I haven’t bothered with because they don’t have Scott or Jean in them.

  9. Stacey says:

    These look fun but , why no dallas???

    • resident BADgal resident BADgal says:

      Hi Stacey! I know, I love dallas too. We could only make three kits and dallas unfortunately didn’t make it in. If you wanted to make your own lip & cheek recipe based off of dallas, I’d recommend this: benetint lip & cheek stain, sun beam bronzed highlighter, dallas blush & dallas gloss (which is literally my favorite shade!).

  10. Shery Rami says:

    I'd like like to try the lips & cheek set, i think if I had to choose one I would choose "sugarlicious", but I also like "go tropicoral" and I really love the lip and cheek stain!

  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw <3

  12. I'm waiting with my credit card!

  13. Diana Cote says:

    This looks amazing, I wish I could buy it all. shame no one would buy any for me either. Benefit, will you gift it to me? :p hehehehe I've been a fan for over 7 years now.

  14. Amazing idea, but I'm not too fond of the fact that kits can't be customized depending on your skin tone. After all you should know more than anyone that there's nothing tackier than foundation or powder that doesn't match.

  15. Diane Davis says:

    I am sold! great idea.


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