how-to…put your hair up in a sock bun

“We like big buns and we cannot lie!” Emily our Marketing Event Coordinator, aka Resident Hair-Extraordinaire, has been spreading the glam-gospel through a six-step tutorial on creating the perfect sock bun and the office is OBSESSED.


give your single socks a second chance

It’s an insta-glam way to make any look more polished, and the perfect cure for a bad hair day (works great with wet hair and dirty hair). Try it out, it’s kind of life changing.

wear’em high or low


Dig this hair-do? What other hair trends are you digging right now?

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  1. Anna says:

    I LOVE doing my hair like this. Its perfect for any occasion, just depends how you master it. For te girls that can’t figure out how to make the sock bun–I wash my hair the night before, and don’t brush it or put any products in it (if you can). I sleep on it, and when I wake up I look like a disaster, but since my hair is frizzy and wavy (from sleeping on it), that has been the perfect solution for me to make this bun daily. I cannot make this bun when my hair is straight and has products in it!! Hope this helps!!

  2. Tara Fatula says:

    There's an easier way to do this actually. You roll the sock up into the donut, and then you re-roll it up along your ponytail. There's an excellent video of this on youtube.

  3. It would be more benificial if you show how :(

  4. amy says:

    Omg this is really not working for me it keeps falling apart? my hair is down to my waist ?

    • Darvulia says:

      Hmm, I used to have the same problem when my hair was really long. I did this trick not with a sock but with a doughnut made specially for this, sold in beauty shops, and I put only half of my hair around it, letting the rest fall into a pony tail. If you try to put all of your hair up, you’ll look like Marge Simpson, but I think you’ll love the bun around the ponytail look. No I wear my hair boy short and love it.

  5. Aby Teo says:

    cool xD

  6. Anna Hagemeyer says:

    My hair is hip-length. Will it still work?

    • Elizabeth Nope says:

      I don't know HOW these girls do it, but everyf*$!ing time I've tried to put my hair in a sock bun (my hair is boob-length now), it never works. Unless it's ON TOP of my head.

    • Abi Dodkins says:

      as ur hair is longer u could plait ur hair then using bobby pins 2 secure it bith bobby pins

    • Sarah Mawhinney says:

      start the sock at the end of your pony instead of the base, and roll it down over itself towards the base of your pony

  7. Here in New Orleans we use to wear this look years ago. So nice to see this hairstyle come back..

  8. Jeyd Dran says:

    love it!

  9. Lyndz Gallego says:

    nice <3


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