birthday brow-za!

The Benefit Brow Bar truly is a girl’s best friend. Not only is each location a makeup heaven full of beauty fake-its to help you make-it, they also offer a FREE brow wax service as Benefit’s birthday gift to you!

Put your birthday hat on!


With our birthdays landing on the same day, Emily & I decided that a double brow celebration was in order. The Monday before our big day, we strolled out of beauty central and headed to the Benefit Brow Bar at Macy’s Union Square for  a little pre-birthday party pampering!

Our brows had obviously been neglected for quite some time. I am the not so proud owner of a multi-directional cowlick brow and am a regular at the brow bar helping to keep this bad BADgal brow in check.  At this point, my rebellious brow was in DIRE need of some expert attention. And Emily, a Brow Bar virgin who wanted to take her Benefit relationship to the next level by getting her blonde brows shaped & sculpted.

The topnotch service started with a brow mapping consultation where the aesthetician studied our brows and mapped out the picture perfect shape we were looking for. A wax and a tweeze later, the Brithday pampering was complete & we were ready to celebrate.  Check out the now WOW transformation!

Beautification in-progress!


So before cake and candles, be sure to get pampered pretty with your FREE Benefit brow wax service! All you need to do is stop by your local benefit brow bar during the calendar week of your birthday, provide a form of I.D. and get ready for a birthday treat that is sure to flaunt your best features. No brow should go un-waxed on your birthday, it is their day too!

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