lashtastic layering

When it comes to lashes, size matters. I am obsessed with lenghtening and thickening my lashes…and yes, it might be true that I spend more time applying mascara every morning than I do on anything else #TimeManagementIssues.

I’m a mascara addict. Once upon a time I applied up five different mascaras in one day! Thankfully, I am over that phase now and have found two super mascaras that when used together, leave me with longer lashes than the previous five ever did. Honest! The trick is…drum roll please…a little bit of BADgal lash topped with they’re real! It’s pretty much a flawless recipe that lifts, lengthens AND volumizes lashes in just two (very easy) steps.

lash-tastic layering

Check out the power of not just one but two mascaras!


BADgal lash + they’re real! = double the lashes

Do you layer your lashes?

Lashfully Yours,

Cheeky Gal