lashtastic layering

When it comes to lashes, size matters. I am obsessed with lenghtening and thickening my lashes…and yes, it might be true that I spend more time applying mascara every morning than I do on anything else #TimeManagementIssues.

I’m a mascara addict. Once upon a time I applied up five different mascaras in one day! Thankfully, I am over that phase now and have found two super mascaras that when used together, leave me with longer lashes than the previous five ever did. Honest! The trick is…drum roll please…a little bit of BADgal lash topped with they’re real! It’s pretty much a flawless recipe that lifts, lengthens AND volumizes lashes in just two (very easy) steps.

lash-tastic layering

Check out the power of not just one but two mascaras!


BADgal lash + they’re real! = double the lashes

Do you layer your lashes?

Lashfully Yours,

Cheeky Gal


15 Responses to “lashtastic layering”

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  3. Samantha Gabrielle says:

    I tried this before and I got the same result. My lashes looked really long and loved it, but i didn't like how clumpy they looked. So, I tried putting one layer of They're Real mascara first and slowly giving my ends of l my lashes the length I want ( I move the mascara brush side-to-side to break clumps). I make sure not to use the brush more than twice. I then apply Bad Gal mascara from the roots of my lashes without touching the ends. This works for me! My lashes look lengthy and volumize st the same time. I also only apply a layer of They're Real mascara on my lashes below the eyes during the day and at night, I apply the Bad Gal to get that dramatic effect

  4. They look too clumpy to me. I prefer the long and feathery look to this. sorry.

  5. I use both mascaras and people always ask if my lashes are fake. Best mascaras and I've tried!

  6. Tisha Culic says:

    I will never use another mascara after using they're real and I am buying badgal lash too for even more lenth and volume:)

  7. Liz Cruz says:

    I swear by They're real. best mascara out there.

  8. They're real is the BEST mascara out in the market…what a difference!

  9. I love this idea! Just picked up my first tube of “They’re Real” and absolutely LOVED it. Can’t wait to try “Bad Gal” and pair the two together!

  10. Lorin Nikole Greer Cardona says:

    I have not tried they're real but i get these gorgeous lashes with just badgal lashes but to each his own :) love me some badgal!

  11. Yasmin Reyes says:

    Oh wow I just made a video about these two for my Youtube Channel. lol! great minds think alike. :) ♥ Benefit!

  12. Yasmin Reyes says:

    Oh wow I just made a video about these two for my Youtube Channel. lol! great minds think alike. :) <3 Benefit!

  13. This is exactly what I do too and I love it! My lashes looks full and natural! Bad Gal + They’re Real are definitely a team made in heaven!

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