special delivery!

As the Public Relations Coordinator at Benefit, I get to the do some crazy, wacky, out-of-the-ordinary things and call it “work.” One such thing is bringing our new product press sends (the press gets to test drive our products before anyone else) to a whole new level.

I consider this one of the best (and at times, challenging) part of my job: finding cute, creative and interesting ways to make the delivery of a new product extra special–so it’s not  sent out alone in a box. I love including stuff that’s attention grabbing and playful–just like our products! Here’s a round-up of 3 of my favorite creations.


Benefit cosmetics

We introduced our box o’ powder  lip gloss in this deliciously adorable jar I found out etsy.


Benefit Cosmetics

We sent these dallas lip & cheek care packages to our VIPs…in Dallas!

Benefit Cosmetics

Check out this action packed POREfessional briefcase complete with SpyGal’s pore-zapping gun.

This was actually an invitation to a press event we sent to beauty editors in New York. And yes, that’s a giant pink eraser poodle! :)

Would you like to have one of these Benefit “special deliveries” sent to you?