makeup mixers

Did somebody say HAPPY HOUR? Here at Benefit, we shake-up our work days with office-fave Benefit makeup mixers. Many of us like to keep a fully-stocked drawer of these good-time goodies right at our desk for every time we need to “take the edge off.”

Try out some of these Benefit-classic cosmetic combinations and you’ll be feelin’ gooood!

“Shimmering Sherbet”- Create an instant cream blush by combining CORALista with high beam. The more CORALista you spike your mixture with, the more pigmented your “cream blush” will be. Blend on to cheek bones for a gorgeous pop of color.

did somebody say cosmetic cocktail?

“Blushing Bubbly”- Complexion need a perk-me-up? Time to start hittin’ the bottle…of benetint that is. It’s the Benefit fave combo of moonbeam and benetint that goes on like a sheer golden pink sheen. Dab a little on cheekbones to create a gorgeous, rosy-gold dewy accent for the face. For gals who are on the fairer side with cooler skin tones, high beam and benetint work just as beautifully.

benetint classic

“Booster Shot”- Here’s something that’ll wake you up. Mix stay don’t stray with ooh la lift and dab under and over the eye area to the radial for instant brightening and soothing. Puffy or tired eyes will love the cooling effects of ooh la lift, and stay don’t stray adds just a bit of pigment. You can wear this under or over makeup as a touchup.

have a booster shot

“The Eraser” – Ever look at yourself in the mirror at work around 3:30 and think “hey, what happened to my skin? It didn’t look like that this morning.” When skin issues start to reappear (or come out of nowhere), it’s time to put them to rest with the ultimate mix of the POREfessional and boi-ing or erase paste concealer. When mixed, these products turn into one smooth complexion cocktail. The coverage of concealer combined with the silky texture of the POREfessional (which is translucent), lightly “airbrushes” out redness, fine lines, roughness, pores…just about everything.


Are you a Benefit mixologist with a favorite mix of your own? Pony-up and let us know!