it’s nice to meet you…danessa

Do you ever wonder how long it takes to develop products at a makeup company? Danessa joined Benefit a few months ago as our Innovation Director on the Product Team. As head of Product Innovation she basically has a lot of people’s dream job: coming up with new makeup products!

She works with her team, the training department, and research & development, to create new Benefit rock-star products using the best formulas. Makeup is her world.  Danessa has published two books and has over a dozen step-by-step makeup training DVDs…she lives and breathes beauty!

Besides being quite possibly THE sweetest person in the office, she has a fiercely awesome wardrobe that is a collection of extremely high heels and bad-ass jewelry. Yes, you’re about to love her too…


“Nice to meet YOU!”

1. My favorite Benefit product is… benetint. I L.U.V. benetint!

2. I’m most inspired by… individuality — all things unique and different.

3. The five things I love/can’t live without…

  • My two beautiful, comical kids
  • A great workout
  • Best friends
  • Romantic comedies & neo soul music
  • Lashes

4. When I need creative inspiration I go... see other creative people do their thing!

5. My first Benefit product was…benetint

6. My favorite place in SF is…The Ferry Building

7. The color wheel: My favorite color is…blue

8. My makeup trend I regret the most from when I was younger is…1.5 inch wide eyebrows filled in black! (yikes!)

9. If I could live any other place I’d live in…Paris

fab hair

10. My creative outlet is…reading & writing

11. My favorite Benefit moment…was stepping out of the corporate office elevators for the first time being greeted with all things pink!


getting out of the lobby and entering pink heaven!

12. How far in advance do you work on products? We work as far as 4 years in advance… we have to take the time to figure out what our customers real need is.  It then takes years and year to perfect the products. This is when we see if  it really WOWS us!

13. What’s the process of coming up with new products? It is all about the customer need.  We study  and study and study our customers to see what it is that she needs and then we create it!

14. I love what I do because…it makes other people look good and feel happy instantly!


we’ve already filmed danessa in a tips & tricks video

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  1. Why is Danessa whiter in some pictures? I found her first picture just nothing like how her second picture looks and I think her Chocolate color skin is divine and shouldn't be whitened.

  2. Erica Chism says:

    You had me at "extremely high heels and bad-a** jewelry"… Can't wait to see Danessa's contributions to Benefit Cosmetics' line of products and her insight in the Tips & Tricks!

  3. Darin Kaye Burnell says:


  4. I love Danessa I had the opportunity to meet here sometime ago last year and also competed in her makeup competition. She is very inspiring and has open my eyes to the world of makeup. Thanx for everything Danessa! Many Blessings!

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