a coming-of-age story on brows


brows then v. now

What did your brows used to look like?

Mine were like bushy caterpillars, and they would still be like that if I grew them out today. As a tween/teen around the wise age of 13, when I was first discovering makeup, boys, “YM” magazine (all you young’ens are saying “what’s that?”)  and all that good stuff, I wasn’t allowed to shape my eyebrows because my mom didn’t want me looking too old. But being the rebellious tween I was–true story–I actually snuck over to the Benefit Boutique when I was supposed to be at a middle-school basketball game and got my brows shaped. They looked perfect, but my mom made me grow them back and I wasn’t allowed to shape them again until I was 17!

Brows became a hairy subject for all those teenage years, but being able to look back at all my pictures with bushy brows is kind of priceless.

Kid. Tween. Twenties.

Kid. Tween. Twenties.

What’s one of your fondest coming-of-age beauty memories?