diary of a spygal

Hi there! I’m Vanessa, and I’m the chick that was lucky enough to portray SpyGal in the Benefit POREfessional videos. It was basically typecasting because in real life I am very sneaky and smooth and always helping poor strangers cover up their gaping pores. Ok, so it wasn’t typecasting–at all.

it's a rough job, but somebody's gotta do it

it’s a rough job, but somebody’s gotta do it

where it all began…

When I started working with Benefit I was SUPER excited because I had been using benetint and BADgal lash for some time- little did I know I was about to fall dangerously in love (cue Beyonce!) with every other product. Oh, this might be a good time to mention that no one asked me to write this blog-I sort of begged to- so this are completely unsolicited compliments that stem from me being such a fan of this company. The four Spygal Episodes were filmed individually (each one took a day to film) over a course of months. Each episode SpyGal had a new mission: first one, we were in a hotel for the entire shoot (that robe was pluuush); second one shot entirely on a set of an airplane (also the same set as the movie Airplane! SHIRLY!); third episode was in a bar in LA (totally different being at a bar at 8am); and the final episode…oh, sweet San Francisco!

the crew at the golden gate bride (ep 4)

The crew and cast they got for each episode was wonderful- I had so much fun with my nemesis Agent X (the fabulous Christina Pazsitzky). I love that Benefit is working with comedians instead of models (not that you can’t be both, but I personally can’t be both) on these campaigns because it stays true to their motto “laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it!” Everyone I’ve met from the Benefit team lives up to this saying as well- happy, silly, down-to-earth people, who just happen to look fabulous.

what are these things in my hair?!

hair & makeup at my beckon call

The filming of the episodes also lines up with a personal makeup revolution. I’ve always liked makeup, but been afraid of it. I wear a little on a day-to-day basis, then more if I’m doing a comedy show or something, but the in-between has always been a mystery. How much is too much? Won’t foundation be cakey? I don’t want to become… high maintenance! But as I read SpyGal’s lines, her wisdom – SpyGal is nothing if not wise!- sank in to me. I am now a Benefit addict, and I’m not planning on going into rehab any time soon. My favorite products are dallas boxed powder (I have a very light skin tone, but this always gives a nice bronze/contour look without being too much), erase paste (instant 8-hrs of sleep), Hello Flawless liquid foundation, magic ink, and the AMAZING big beautiful eyes kit. I swear, that little box makes you feel like a makeup artist! I have since given it to girlfriends as a gift and it is always a huge hit.  Sheesh, that was a long list of products- but the thing is they are all light and natural, and I still get ready in 8 minutes in the morning. Now I just know what I’m doing.

pat on that POREfessional

We just filmed our last episode and we got to come up to San Francisco – the morning started out pretty normally, I spent 4 hours in stilettos, tied up to a pier by the Golden Gate bridge, typical Tuesday.

all tied up

Agent X…slightly Janet, no?

But then we switched locations to Benefit headquarters… cue the chorus of angels! I always assumed that it would just be a regular office building with a pretty reception area or something… NO. This is girly, beautiful, heaven. There are chandeliers and pink and huge product displays and of course, a deer statue wearing a feathered tiara. I wanted to live there, but they aren’t zoned residentially. At least that’s what the nice security guy told me as he moved my sleeping bag.   I think the SpyGal video run is over (who ever knows with those sleuthing spies)- she’s onto other top secret missions around the world no doubt, perhaps bringing blotting papers to Abu Dhabi or bronzers to the Arctic, who knows. When Beauty calls, she answers. Then I try to over hear the call and use the top secret info for myself.

hot henchmen? double check.

Agent X lounge style (episode 3)

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