halloween how-to…darkside diva

Craving some fame in your life? Channel your inner “Darkside Diva” and let the fan letters roll in.

To get this look, our rock star makeup artist (and Art department makeup guru), Collin, put a new spin on everyday products to transform Jamie, our business analyst, into a chart-topping, fame-grabbing pop princess. Talk about being “caught up in a BADgal romance”!



Complete your rise to stardom with these step-by-step tips…

1) Complexion – prime skin to pore-less perfection and apply liquid foundation to even out skin tone.

2) Eyes –  Our shadows are more for everyday wear, so to get the pigment really rich and metallic looking we mixed skinny jeans cream shadow and blended it with an icy blue velvet powder shadow. Apply this light silver shadow over the eyelid to just above your crease, and  under the eyes from the inner corners outward.

For a dramatic smoky eye, apply black kohl liner in the crease and corner of the eye. Use the corner of a sponge to blend.

BADgal romance!

3) Color: For even cheek color apply posietint to a blush brush and then blended it on to the cheeks. Next, apply tint to the lips and top it off with a shiny bright-pink gloss.

posie-pink cheeks & pout

4) Lightening bolt: For this, try Collin’s mind blowing makeup trick — “layer any blue shadow or glitter over black eyeliner to make the color appear 100x brighter.” Here he layered prrrowl blue mascara top-coat (which is actually very subtle when you apply it to lashes) over BADgal liner to make the color really stand out.


For your own lightning bolt, create a stencil in a lightening bolt shape using a piece of white paper and fill it in with black eyeshadow to create a guide. Next use black eyeliner to go over the shape and  an angled brush to make the edges sharp. Dab on the glitter top coat, and get ready for the spotlight.

5) Costume: Rock-royalty blond wig, over-the-top outfit, finger-less gloves…you’re a natural little fame monster.

she’ll break your heart!

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