halloween how-to…fab feline

To look like a fab-feline, you’ve gotta BE the cat’s meow! Bring out your own classy-sassy kitty with this step-by-step makeup tutorial starring Lia from our Digital team.

Meet Lia, a sweet, fun & friendly gal who spends her days answering customer-care questions and playing with her daughter. She usually only has time for foundation, mascara & a little lipstick. But for Halloween, we decided to turn her into an ass-kicking, danger-seeking Catwoman aka the Fab Feline.

Here’s how we did it, follow along!

1) Complexion: Apply liquid foundation & concealer to even out the complexion and apply a powder cover-up that’s one shade lighter than your complexion to your forehead, nose, chin & under eye area, using a sponge. Do not blend it in immediately.

This will prep the under eye area for any eye makeup fallout (the eyes are very dark so it’ll help prevent raccoon eyes and smudging). This also helps set concealer and soak up any shine  – having a shade lighter than your complexion helps to sculpt features. After you’re done with your eye makeup (step 2) dust it all off with a blush brush.

get that purrfect complexion

2) Eyes & brows: A Fab Feline without a mask is like a kitty with no whiskers – powerless! So to account for the mask that you will be wearing to commit all kinds of cat mischief, first mark where the eye-holes on the mask fall on your face before you fill-in your eye makeup. Using a  pewter cream shadow, create an almond shape from the center of the eye-lid to the outer corner of the mask’s eye-hole.

Next take a shimmery gold base shadow and apply from the inner corner of the eye, up to the brow bone.  Take a deeper shade of charcoal eyeshadow and blend from the inner corner of the eye to the outer part of the almond shape to create a cat-like effect. Use another powder, pewter shadow to blend in the crease.  Line the entire eye lid and under eye area in black, extending a ‘wing’ at the outer corners. Smudge it all out to make the line look soft and blended.

Fill in the brows and extend the end of them by 1/4 inch to make them look more exaggerated. Lia’s brows are black so our makeup artist, Collin actually used the black eyeliner for this.

3) Lips & Cheeks: Stain lips with benetint and apply a current colored lipstick over it for extra fierce color pay off. Use a bronzer to contour the cheeks just under the cheek bones by using the corner of a sponge to sculpt the face. Blend only slightly so the shape of your face is more dramatic.

4) Lashes: For extra drama, apply TWO tapered-shape lashes to each eye, applying one at a time with glue just above the lash line. Why two you ask? It maximizes the fullness and fierceness of the lashes, as our makeup artist Collin says “if you want to be Beyonce, you need to go two!” To blend your natural lashes in with the fake ones, apply a few coats of they’re real mascara and wiggle your natural lashes into the fake ones.

5) Costume: For the finishing touches wear some ears & a mask. We created some ‘claws’ by hot gluing gold press-on acrylic nails from the drugstore to the tips of black satin half gloves.

“I’m gonna mess you up, Batman!”

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