halloween how-to…star of the nile

How did Jehan from our Visual Merchandising team, go from a bubbly, gorgeous gal, to a powerful femme fatale? The magic is in the makeup, and channeling the divine personality of a golden goddess among us humans.

Get to the top of the pyramid with these easy steps.

1) Complexion: Use a primer & liquid foundation to even out the skin tone. Next generously apply a powder cover-up in one shade lighter than your skin tone to the forehead, under the eyes, bridge of nose and chin. Do not blend! This method of applying powder will sculpt features and help catch any eyeshadow that falls under the eyes (because you will be putting a lot of it on). When you’re done with the eye makeup, use a blush brush to dust it all off.

prevent eye makeup fallout

2) Eyes: Apply a gold shadow to the brow bone, then use a light blue shadow (this “scene queen kit” has all the blue shadows you need) as a base on the lid. Next take black eyeliner, like BADgal liner waterproofand fill in the eyelid and apply a deep blue shadow over it (this is a way to take a more everyday blue shadow look more pigmented and vibrant without having to buy a new one).

After applying shadow, line the eye using a black eyeliner to make feather-like strokes from just past the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye–extending a ‘wing’ from the outer corner out approximately 1/4 inch further.

3) Color: Apply a bronzer to contour cheekbones, and use sunbeam golden highlighter on cheekbones, brown bone and bridge of the nose to cast a golden glow on to the complexion (you know, like you’ve been basking in an oasis in the Egyptian desert!)

get your goddess glow on

4) Lips: Apply tangerine-gold lipstick to lips to bring out the warmth in the complexion.

golden hues in your lipstick complement a golden complexion

5) Costume: Look like you’re living the luxe by adorning yourself in gold & blues to go with your regal makeup and dramatic bob to top it off.

“Cleopatra, coming at ya!”

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