5 things that makes us feel gorgeous!!

1.  Bold lipstick– A fun color of lipstick is a great pick-me-up that is inexpensive and a great way to beautify your day.  Try shades in espionage, on the sly, or slow zone– shown below!

pretty pout = happy lips

2.  Fragrance– Don’t over do it, but a little spritz can make you feel, well… sexy!

spritzy & ritzy!

3.  Good night sleep- There’s nothing better than a good night sleep to feel like a million bucks.  However, sometimes it’s just impossible to catch up on nature’s best beauty remedy.  If that’s the case, dab a little ooo la lift!

a pretty perk-me-up

4.  heels-  So much to love about a pretty pair of pumps.  They make you taller, feel thinner, and can make an outfit.

the higher the heels, the closer to God

5.  Manicure-  Everyone needs something nice to look at when you’re staring at your computer all day.  Treating yourself to a manicure always feels luxurious and pampered.

fancy fingers