layers, baby, layers

If there is something you learn quickly living in SF, it’s to always wear layers. Seasons go rogue and you never know if it’s going to be cold in June (yes) and hot in January (it happens). But today, we’re going to show you a different kind of layering…laying on your lips & cheeks!

Lately, I’m lusting after these layer combinations, which we got to try out at a recent work makeup sesh. What’s your favorite combo?

Hot coral: chachatint + CORALista ultra plush

A lot of us at the office (and at boutiques) absolutely love layering lip glosses with any of the iconic tints: benetint, posietint, and chachatint.

It’s a great way to get a lot of color payoff with out having to glob on a gloss. Not many people like the feeling of a ton of gloss on their lips when you don’t want them stuck to your gloss – but you still want color and a little shine. It’s also a way to guarantee color when you don’t have time to re apply a gloss.

coral, so hot right now

Hot Coral!

A great technique is to apply a tint of your choosing on your lips. Really layer it up so it’s nice and deep (I put on 3 layers of chachatint). Then take a gloss and just apply to the center of the lips. It’ll make your pout appear a bit more full and the color of your lips will still be poppin’.

Sweet orchard-pink flush (posietint + hervana box o’ powder)

hervana + posietint at the shoot

Sweet Orchard Pink!


You think you know hervana’s orchard-pink color, but you have no idea! Here we applied posietint and then swept hervana over the cheeks to bring out the peach and rose colors perfectly. Adding an all-day tint under a blush adds an extra pop of color and intensifies the color of the blush.

Delicate Glow (benetint + watt’s up + dandelion box ‘o powder)

sweet glow, baby.


Delicate Glow!

If you’re looking for a rosy, unexpected glow, start with benetint on the cheeks, add dandelion ballerina-pink blush, and top off cheekbones with watt’s up champagne highlighter. This trio creates a soft, warm glow on any complexion.

This fall, we’re experimenting with new color combos of some of our favorite products! What combination do you swear by?