meet the perk-up artist

I am so excited to announce that I met the man of my dreams. DJ, cue the Marvin Gaye!!! His name is the perk-up artist a set of custom complexion correctors. He is light to the touch, silky on the skin, but tough on dark circles.

“Perk-up Artist” is his name, flattering women is his game!

Here’s how we get down…
Step 1 – prep the skin by dotting it’s potent eye cream under the eye and onto the cheek bone, patting gently into the skin up to the hairline.

Now it’s time for the good stuff.   Take a good look at the perk-up artist.  This sleek compact comes with 3 colors to really brighten up the eyes and get you ready for a night on the town.  The yellow corrects any redness.  The beige helps for blending.  The pink helps to brighten up darkness.

Here’s what’s inside

Step 2 – Wiggle the brush into the “brighten” product and apply all around the eye–starting under the eye, moving up to the brow bone.  Don’t forget that little dark spot by your tear duct.  Blend into the skin by patting the pigment with your ring finger.  For an instant “lifting effect,” blend the product outward from under the eye, up towards the temple.

instant brightening

Step 3 – Dip the brush into the “correct” product and apply right underneath the lower lash line and onto discolored areas on the face. The yellowish formula works to diffuse redness and discoloration.

Apply to areas on the face that show discoloration

Step 4 – Finally use the lightweight “cover” over the the “correct” to make complexion look even.

Final step: concealer

Wow! What a difference…

A brighter, more even complexion in seconds!