how-to…feel good!

This holiday season provides us with the opportunity to spread joy and give thanks the people who inspire us.  Today I would like you to meet our lovely, bubbly bestie and a longtime Benefit fan, Dena!


When she found out she had breast cancer earlier this year at the age of 29, our  fun, spunky, outgoing, girly-girl, transformed her fashion blog “The Damezon” into a place where she documents her journey through treatment as “The Most Prepared Girl in the World.” Staying connected with friends through her blog, twitter, facebook and instagram she shows us how little things can make such a positive impact in how you feel.  Happiness can be found in a new hair-do, inspiration discovered in cheezy-fries, and even the “powers of healing” channeled through a new pair of pink, high-heeled, sneakers (check out Dena’s article in Refinery 29).

Hanging out with her this afternoon, she shared some of her feel-good tips over a lunch and makeup play-date.


Get inspired by different styles & dare to try them out. “When I’m feeling sick, sometimes I think the expectation is that I stay in my pajamas–well I say ‘forget it’ I’m going to wear what I want. I love pink, I love sparkles, I love fierce heels and crazy sunglasses–so I’m going to wear that stuff.  Lately I’ve been really digging Amber Rose — especially for our semblance in hair style :) I have a Pinterest board called ‘baldspiration’ which I refer to when I need a perk me up.”

Be thankful & share things that are positive and uplifting –you will receive the same in turn! “Opening myself up online through my blog, forums, writing articles etc., I feel like I connect in a positive way with readers, friends and family. In return, I feel like I’m supported and surrounded by good-vibes at all times.”

Switch-up your look. “It’s true, I know I don’t NEED makeup– nobody needs makeup…I just happen to really like it! It’s fun and instant. Playing with makeup is the best! I try different things to achieve a different effect. My brows and lashes are thinning a bit, more the reason to load up on mascara and flutter my falsies.”

Take on what the day brings. “Whatever issues might arise in your day, approach them head on, work to fix them and move forward.”

…Thanks for the words of wisdom, Dena!

Who would you like to thank this holiday season and what’s your favorite advice from him/her?