Dial Fine-One-One

I’ll apply it on the bus.

I’ll apply with no fuss.

I’ll swipe it on in the car,

Even at the corner bar.

I’ll put it on while at my desk,

It makes me look not so grotesque.

This is my kind of makeup style

Fine-one-one, you make me smile.

Ladies, meet fine-one-one, our newest all-in-one cheek and lip color! It’s pure magic. The only makeup technique required: knowing how to blend.

someone call fine-one-one!

Simple swipe the three shades onto cheeks (keeping the lightest highlighter at the top and blend).

someone call fine-one-one!

The trio of shades pink champagne, sheer watermelon, & soft coral blend together for a stunning shade of sheer coral.

pink champagne, sheer watermelon, & soft coral

swipe and blend

here it is again on another skin tone…the “swipe & blend”


after fine one one

fine-one-one hero

I’ve come to love this product so much, that I keep it in my purse and apply it in the elevator as I’m leaving work. The product component is reflective, so it can double as a mirror!  The cream-to-powder finish ensures that it blends in nicely over both foundation and powder.

Want more fine-one-one action? Check out this Birchbox video starring Maggie Ford Danielson.