Need a Midday Makeover? We’ll Save You!

Up late last night, gorgeous? Feeling like the hot mess express ran you over? Sounds like a job for Dr. Feelgood & his EMTs (Emergency Mascara Technicians)!

Call for beauty backup, stat!

If you live or work in the New York City area, you’re in luck. We’ve partnered with everyone’s fave car service, Uber, to give you the gift of glam-on-the-go Monday 2/11 & Tuesday 2/12 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Simply request a “Benefit SUV” in the Uber iPhone or Android app for a FREE visit from our resident hot doctor & his miracle-working beauty artists. Plus, get hooked up with Benefit products, Uber driving credits & more!

Spot one of our pink glam-bulances in the wild? Snap a photo on Instagram with #BeautyRescue for a chance to win fabulous Benefit & Uber prizes! Learn more about the contest here: #BeautyRescue.

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If you need 2 CCs of glam, stat, we’re here to save you, gorgeous! Register for Uber here:Ā