It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest

What’s our sassy Emergency Mascara Technician (EMT, of course) saying? Fill in her speech bubble—the wittier the better (wink wink)—for a chance to win a $500 Benefit Cosmetics prize package!


“Let’s play doctor!” (wink wink)

We’re giving away 1 grand prize worth $500 & 2 runners up worth $250 in Benefit product—including the brand-new fakeup, they’re real, benetint & much, much more.

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332 Responses to “It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest”

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  1. natalie says:

    “her eyes are as dull as the grayest day, let me fix that girl today!

  2. Carolyn Loera says:

    "Oh Doc, surely you can Benefit from the batting of my lashes!"

  3. You bet you lashes they're real hunny! (wink wink)

  4. Her lashes bring the boys to the yard! Damn right they are better than yours! :)

  5. Lets play doctor your lashes need EMT stat!

  6. Amanda Nordman says:

    You called us just in time, that could have been fatal! Here take this! ;)

    Next time your fun night out runs a little long, and turns in to an embarrassing morning at the office: slip Benefit “Fakeup” and a tube of “They’re Real” in to your clutch! Don’t let flaked mascara, and dark under-eye circles tell your coworkers your age! Use them in combination to have radiant, and awe inspiring awakened eyes for a look that will have people asking “How does she do it?!”

  7. After one look at those lashes, the EMT will need mouth to mouth!

  8. Becky Saucer says:

    2 coats a day will keep your man at bay!

  9. Tiffany says:

    No one will ever know you’ve had an Oooh La Lift!

  10. I need an ooh la lift with big beautiful eyes and a high beam

  11. Rose Wenceslao Flores says:

    For Lash Emergency… Here's your 911 to perk up those lashes!

  12. Use there reall twice a day doctors orders (wink)

  13. Rachel Clarke says:

    Some fake up will wake her right up!

  14. No fainting allowed Bene-gal believe it "they're real"

  15. Wan Nurfarah says:

    Doctors order… Apply daily & dazzle the world…

  16. Shelby Frank says:

    Call the doctor, those eyelashes are to die for!

  17. Sharon says:

    Let’s lush up those lashes, STAT!

  18. Watt's up? Ready to get a ool la lift with a high brow?

  19. Don't flatline! Keep their hearts going with EMT assistance!

  20. Open up and make him say AHH. Take two coats and DON'T call me in the morning, you won't need to.

  21. Maggie K says:

    A coat of mascara a day, keeps the doctor away! ;)

  22. Camille RM says:

    lashes that can change your life in a blink of a moment!

  23. Let's, get furliscious!

  24. Joshua Cardona says:

    “Let’s Keep This Our Secret” (wink wink) or ” I know They’re Real ma’am” (wink wink)

  25. Let's "Boing" this sickness !

  26. Noemi Solo Nation says:

    Indeed a BeneFactor!

  27. Oh, youre sick? This will make you look cured!

  28. Adrianne Magill says:

    Get those hearts pumping with the New Sexy Lengthy Lashes Benefit Mascara!

  29. Christina Wilson says:

    “Eye” see you got your eyes on me!!

  30. Leticia Connell says:

    Hello flawless! Your pulse is racing, but don’t worry, they’re real!

  31. See'See Green says:

    Another fake bites the dust!

  32. Maria Pyrgioti says:

    What's up! Oh lalala lift those eyes and don't forgetwe are the PORefessionals to help u say…Oxygen wow!

  33. Joy Wirasatien says:

    Sexy eyes STAT! Don't worry "I" GOT this ~

  34. Zainab says:

    Don’t fright, EMT emits real lashes

  35. I declare, I say its an emergent-say!

  36. Patrice Cloward Iniguez says:

    Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.

  37. "This is a ever LASH-ting emergency! No worries, leave it to the POREfessionals. With one swipe of they're real mascara and a pinch of sugarbomb, everyone will be saying "hello flawless"! Dr. Feel good orders ;)"

  38. Mirella Villagomez says:

    Think and long…Lashes that is, cures everything…

  39. Remember ladies, a little "fakeup" every now and then doesnt hurt. He doesnt ever have to know.

  40. Belive me honey ,you'll benefit from this ;D

  41. Joshua Cardona says:

    “Keep Them Up” (wink wink)

  42. Yes boys, they’re real ;)

  43. Ashley Howard says:

    Dr.feel good says "they're real"

  44. Reah says:

    Lashes need rescuing? Don’t fret! Benefit STAT!

  45. Precious says:

    It looks so real, even I can’t tell it’s mascara

  46. JESSiCA NEE says:

    Lask of lashes? I’m a lashologist, I’m here to help!

  47. Joshua Cardona says:

    “This Won’t Hurt a Bit” (wink wink) or “‘I’ll have to defibrillate those lashes”

  48. Lucrezia Maria Brandoni says:

    Allied with me to treat your beauty!I want YOU!

  49. Teo Dora says:

    With a little mascara everything will look benelicious !

  50. Jess Langlois says:

    I've got the cure for clumped lashes!

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