It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest

What’s our sassy Emergency Mascara Technician (EMT, of course) saying? Fill in her speech bubble—the wittier the better (wink wink)—for a chance to win a $500 Benefit Cosmetics prize package!


“Let’s play doctor!” (wink wink)

We’re giving away 1 grand prize worth $500 & 2 runners up worth $250 in Benefit product—including the brand-new fakeup, they’re real, benetint & much, much more.

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332 Responses to “It’s an Emergen-SAY! Contest”

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  1. Anna Madi says:

    Trust me,, I am not only a Pore-fessional, but also a Perk up Artist! And by the way, yes, They're Real. ;)

  2. Your secret is safe with me!

  3. You were right to come here dear!! We'll get you from flu-ish to fabulous in just a few swipes of the brush!! Poor dear this is a brutal time of year!

  4. Danielle Billigmeier says:

    I promise, this won't hurt a bit!

  5. Some Benefit a day keeps the dr away

  6. Shelly Barnes says:

    You know what they say-a coat a day keeps the Dr away!

  7. Being CPR certified is mandatory, doctors orders. You'll take their breaths away!

  8. Jenn Crisco says:

    Open Wide

  9. Frances Garcia says:

    This aughta help HIM stay warm!

  10. Tina Rath says:

    I’ll show you my way to look fantastic if you will show me yours!

  11. Selly Buth says:

    "A visit to the Benefit Doctor makes all your beauty problem go away."

  12. Sandra Carfagnini says:

    Quick Doc use the declumping device to give lashes a boost!

  13. Diana Johnson Longwell says:

    Now that we waxed off two squirrels from your eyebrows, be a bad gal and get ready to wow him with your luscious lashes,

  14. María Aguilar says:

    With red lips everything seems to be better, Benetint is all what you need!

  15. Mely Soto-Gonzalez says:

    Trust me,you will be friends with benefits.

  16. Andrea Villa says:

    Benefit's Emergency Lash Revival!

  17. Sara Kathleen Brunkhorst says:

    Quick, call for an EMT stat! This girl's lashes are losing color!

  18. Cristelle Balatbat-Cometa says:

    "Need a lift for a wink? Call me! (wink! Wink!)"

  19. yamilex barrera says:

    I got a cure for your pores call dr.porelessperfection she will leave your pores flawless!

  20. A touch of "They're Real" a day, will keep your falsies away…!

  21. Imee Marie says:

    Increase your daily dose of Benefit to treat those face of yours so you won't ever look sick!

  22. 5 cc's of mascara & blush… STAT

  23. Sam Sluger says:

    "Liner?" "Check." " 'scara?" "Check." "I NEED SOME LEMON-AID. STAT!" "Ah, she's in the clear, coat!"

  24. Ashen Brent says:

    Let’s play doctor! Your lashes need a EMT…stat!

  25. Chrystal Andros says:

    Don't worry dear. You'll be alright. Where there's cheek, there's rouge.

  26. Isaura Montes says:

    LONG,BLACK AND THICK(wink wink)

  27. Ava Smith says:

    Who needs plastic surgery when you have benitint, it's all you need to look your best in no time!

  28. Renee Jones says:

    Of course, it’s natural beauty, one of the Benefit’s of being me!

  29. Pamela Reber says:

    They're not all that's real!

  30. A. Mac Fadyen says:

    I’m not a nurse with fab lashes in real life, but I don’t need to play one on TV to look this great!

  31. Elena Avila says:

    Apply one coat, let it sit for a moment. Apply a second coat and trust me you won't need to call me in the morning.

  32. Ava Smith says:

    Benefit from benitint to brighten your looks, personality, and a boost of your self estieme!

  33. Two coats a day, keeps the Doctor away!

  34. Bertha Cazares says:

    Everyone will think they are real

  35. Renee Beauvais Jones says:

    Of course, it's natural beauty, one of the Benefit's of being me!

  36. Alisa says:

    Did somebody call fine one one!?!

  37. Katherine Lopez says:

    They're real alright.. but remember, two coats a day will keep the doctor away ;)

  38. Darlene Ledesma Chadwick says:

    Addicted to Fabulous? You must be wearing Emergen-Say Mascara.

  39. Alice Cheung says:

    If you're ready , like I'm ready !

  40. Renee Beauvais Jones says:

    Of course, it's natural beauty, one of the Benefit's of being me!

  41. Kelly Rouva says:


  42. Give your lashes what they really want!

  43. Let's play doctor! Your lashes need a EMT…..stat!

  44. I've got lash fever and it hurts so good ;)

  45. Liz McAvoy says:

    I can see that it's potent! I would know, I'm a porefessional!

  46. Katy Marie Furst-Puyleart says:

    Dress your eyes with passion, they won't lie!

  47. Tiffany Garcia says:

    Hand me They're real stat I'm Gunna bring these dual looking lashes back to life! They're alive!!!!!!!

  48. Lauren Samoska says:

    Don't let your lashes lash out! They're Real to the rescue!

  49. caterine loures says:

    Here?! Right now, doctor?!

  50. Carla Fox says:

    Apply these once a day…. Everyday for the rest of your life… FABULOUS…

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